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Booze and Ooze: A Roman Dalton Yarn

Booze and Ooze: A Roman Dalton Yarn - Matt Hilton, Paul D. Brazill After reading a small collection of Roman Dalton stories penned by [a:Paul D. Brazill|4449941|Paul D. Brazill|https://d202m5krfqbpi5.cloudfront.net/authors/1384941779p2/4449941.jpg], I sat down to this little bit of grit.

Roman is hired by an ailing vampire to find out why the low-life scum the vamp is preying on has succumbed on a new drug, the side effects of which turn out to be fatal for vampires who feed on the users.

As good as the previous stories I read, albeit a bit too neat of an ending. Aside from that, the tone of the story was spot-on and I'm left hankering yet another Roman Dalton yarn. Good thing I have a few more on my Kindle