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Duma Key

Duma Key - Stephen King Some may say that Stephen King is "hit and miss" these days with regards to his novels--there are a few I'm met with a lukewarm reaction, myself--but it's foolish to deny the man's talent at weaving a compelling story. "Duma Key" is such a story. I'd read somewhere that were "Licey's Story" is a tale of marriage, "Dumas Key" is a tale of divorce. The focus of the story isn't the divorce, though it plays a key factor in the start of the novel, and the irrational and visceral emotions exhibited by Edgar and Pam come off as all too real. The hook of this novel comes in the somewhat surprising twist that stems from Edgar's renewed interest in sketches and painting. Artwork that renews something inside of him ... and something outside too. After reading this, I can't say I'm at all surprised it won King yet another Bram Stoker Award.