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Loosely Enforced Rules

Loosely Enforced Rules - Anthony J. Rapino Even removing the cosmic and the supernatural, Anthony J. Rapino still finds a way to make his horror feel really weird.

Three crooks, each one more deranged than the next, gear up for their next home invasion job. The nature of their crime seems pretty cut-and-dry in the beginning, but as they carry on it becomes clear that their motives and their methods are much more bizarre. And tying in with the story's title, the three have proclivities that threaten to derail their plans, and it's only through "loose enforced rules" that keep them focused on the job at hand.

There isn't really anyone to root for, feeling very noir-ish in that aspect, and tripping into psycho noir thanks to the female of the trio, Sunshine. Holy. F**k. That near-feral hellcat is the tempest of the trio and it becomes pretty clear early on that if any of the three are going to ruin their best laid plans, it's her.

Rapino offers up one sick interlude with an ending that might even be considered romantic ... if it wasn't for all the bloodshed.